Mistral Value Fund - EUR

The Mistral is an equity fund suitable for investors with a long-term investment approach of 3 to 5 years. Our value-oriented approach is combined with a contrarian type of strategy. Discipline coupled with patience and endurance are the main qualities for the achievement of solid results also during adverse market cycles. The fund is available in 3 tranches in USD, EUR and CHF.



Strategy in a word: The value investment strategy focuses on the purchase of high quality assets that the market is mispricing according to our in-house valuation models. We treat the fund as if it was a holding company, therefore, maintaining our exposure on average throughout a full business cycle (4-5 years), observing but rarely reacting to day-to-day market evolution. The volatility stands at a crossing point between the equity and the bond markets. Internal turnover lies in the range of up to around 30% p.a.. The fund offers the management the possibility to hedge up to 100% of the equity exposure through futures or options strategies (no leverage allowed) or through the reduction of exposure in favor of cash, up to 50%. It provides exposure to equity markets by seeking investment opportunities across all market capitalizations and on a global scale. Because of its broad diversification it represents a full equity exposure to the world stock market.

Objective: Long-term capital appreciation

Role in the portfolio:  Value-oriented investment for building wealth and accumulating assets
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